Custom cagesSimply means that you get exactly what you want!  Custom can be as simple as a standard double cage in a van or a complex conversion. If you don’t see the size or configuration that you have in mind on our website, just ask. We promise to answer all your questions.

Flooring - Buffalo®Heksa Plus flooring available in black is the product we use for our flooring and decks in our cages. It is resin coated both top and bottom. It has good chemical and weather resistance and is easy to clean.

Wipe Clean Sides - Lightweight, economical, polyester coated hardwood plywood. Suitable for lining purposes, smooth, wipe-cleanable surface. Suitable for interior applications

Flettner Vents Positive ventilation, as provided by the Flettner ventilator, will remove excess heat in warmer weather drawing in fresh, cooler air from outside the vehicle as well as removing moisture and odours.

Window fittings - We also now offer a window fitting surface from rear barn doors to side sliding windows. We supply and fit on site using quality windows. 

LED LightsCan be really useful at night time or in a van which has no windows. Our team can fit LED lights the way you want them and where you want them. 

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Top Dog  Custom Cages